Peeness Envy was created by native New Yorker and artist, Ellen Jong. 


Jong is an American mixed media artist whose personal experience drives her conceptual works that discuss ideas of desire, identity and mortality. She is known for her bold expressions and distinguished female voice. She created GIRL cap in 2014 as an extension of her art, and as a small effort to stand behind women and girls and their stories. In fact, GIRL cap stands behind all human stories.

G#IRL further acknowledges that while you explore your dreams, intellect, sexuality and boundaries, you may not fit into a role, title, category, type or expectation, but that you are doing it 'in real life' (#IRL), now. And, that's amazing.

Okay to Be G#IRL 

What 'G' are you??


Ellen Jong is the author of the photographic monograph, Pees On Earth (powerhouse Books/Miss Rosen Edition 2006). The series spanned over eight years and shares an intimate journey in self-discovery, as Jong reclaims her body and boundaries as her own and by her own rules.

Jong’s first solo exhibition was of photographs from her pee series. It was presented by Vice Magazine in 2000 in NYC. Pees On Earth was published in 2006 and includes a transcribed conversation between Jong and legendary performance artist Annie Sprinkle. In her book Jong states, “I want to break down the bathroom walls.” Admittedly, she didn’t  know the power of the sentiment for others while creating the images in the book.