Peeness Envy was created by native New Yorker and artist, Ellen Jong. She is known for her distinguished female voice, notably her premiere photographic monograph, Pees On Earth, 2006 (powerHouse Books/Miss Rosen Edition). She describes the eight-year span as an intimate journey in self-discovery of a young woman taking stake in her body, history and place on Earth by her own rules. She created GIRL cap in 2014 as an effort of solidarity, recognition and representation; to stand behind women and girls and their stories. In fact, GIRL cap stands behind all human stories. Yes, Girl.


G#IRL further acknowledges that while we continue to discover ourselves and always ‘becoming’, we may not fit into a box or expectation, but that it is happening and we are doing it 'In Real Life' (#IRL), together. And, that's amazing. 


Ellen Jong © 2018